Welcome to Te Nganana a te Tuvalu. These pages serve as a simple web version of Donald Gilbert Kennedy's Handbook on the Language of the Tuvalu (Ellice) Islands.

This grammar, first published in 1945, was scanned and posted on the Web in 1994, and was retyped again later at TuvaluIslands.com .

While the information has always been there, I finally present to you a legible, formatted, easy-to-use Web version of this hard-to-find resource on the language of Tuvalu, here at this website.

As a young language learner, I embrace what the Internet offers for pedagogical resources, but frown upon the lack of quality, user-friendly presentation. Here is my contribution to any learners of Tuvaluan out there looking for such resources.

Feel free to email me here if you have any comments, questions, suggestions, or corrections, or if you could help me place the necessary long vowel macrons on the Tuvaluan words found in this grammar.


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changed May 15, 2010