Simple Forms

  • a, o (of, belonging to)
  • ma, mo (for)
  • i (at)
  • mai (from)
  • a (at/of future time)    For example, a fea? (at what time? (future))
  • ana, a (at/of past time)    For example, ana fea? (at what time? (past))

Compound Forms

  • i lunga (upon, on top of, above)
  • i lunga i (upon, on top of, above)
  • mai lunga i (from upon)
  • ki lunga ki (to the top of)


  • i mua, mai mua, ki mua
  • i muli, mai muli, ki muli
  • i lalo, mai lalo, ki lalo
  • i loto, mai loto, ki loto

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changed May 16, 2010